The production and distribution of AgBags is a participatory public experiment by the Environmental Health Clinic Farmacy to support pollinators (in pollinator crisis), improve air quality (and the cardio-vascular health of each of us), and explore delicious highly nutritious flower foods. This inexpensive,  low maintenance, soil-building closed-system that can easily integrate onto railing, windowsills, facades or parapets of existing urban structures. 

We are launching an air-quality experiment to enflower the of parking structures at JFK airport, the collective front door to NYC. A significant deployment could double to Leaf Area Index to address the compromised air that welcomes people who work at and use this public facility. To collectively realize this the Environmental Health Clinic (xClinic) is offering railings of flowers that can be individually annotated and illustrated as a (welcome) gift. These can be sponsored for  $100-$600 depending on railing size and position. While personalizable, these flowers will visibly signal the collective civic will to improve our shared human and environmental health.