is a co-working space, with high speed Internet and a local renewable energy generating system that is owned and operated by the tree itself. 
(see legal precedent: TREE-THAT-OWNS-ITSELF, ATHENS, Georgia) 

What TREExOFFICE aims to do

to transform contemporary work practices into performance and lifestyle experiments that explore: the idea of the tree as a landlord, Rights of nature, Mutualistic systems
design;  business models for non-humans; ectasy of the      commons; texting with a non-human;  contributing to the tree, pollinator, and local environmental health;


+ provides an experience of locally generated power  
+ translates the RIGHTS of NATURE MOVEMENT into contemporary coworking terms legible to urban context; facilitates alliance with and participation in this indigenous peoples-led local global movement to extend rights to non-humans; and so doing provides a remote but viscerally powerful platform for participation in the COP21 in PARIS 2015,
+ defines a new space of political participation in the GREAT DESIGN CHALLENGE of C21ST: redesigning our collective/urban relationship to natural systems 
+ provides an alternative to the "environmental services” approach to valuing natural systems; introduces the BENEFITxBENEFIT analysis of mutualistic systems design that documents the benefits to trees, people, birds, insects,  

For live action from the TREExOFFICE, visit treexoffice-log

Design Requirements:



+ this structure demonstrably benefits the trees, people, birds, mammals, insects, mycorrhiza,  soil microbial diversity, and other intelligent creatures 
+ designed to be revenue generating; revenue and project both omotes the interests of trees; the 200-600 organisms directly dependent on the tree; and the human health benefits associated with a healthy urban ecosystem 
+ defines a space without enclosing it (i.e. not a tree house; not for domestic privacy but for public activity of actual work; celebrates and promotes transparent work practices; convivial learning and cross sector and species networking)
+ any loading on tree (via TreeHugger technology or similar) is compressively loaded and does not restrict the natural movement of the tree; 

+ promotes visual access from under/thru and around the tree (e.g. grating floor and desk surfaces; transperent facade and sidings; transparent rain guard and water guide); 
+ provides privacy and quiet work space by lifting at least 7ft off the ground (vs walls); 
+ minimally one level but if suitable tree can be multiple level; designed for extension (non maximized FAR);
+ provides immersion in sensual experiences of the tree (i.e. not climate-controlled; promotes ecosexuality);
+ provides rain and wind protection without enclosing or obscuring visible access to work, tree or natural processes; 
+ increased visibility of unseen/overlooked natural processes; facilities pollination; propagation and/or augments habitat provisions (e.g. additional TREExOFFICES scaled for birds or squirrels:  provides leaf litter habitat for caterpillar and other organisms dependent on this) 
+ generates significant profits for the tree (see membership and revenue models) which are spent in the interests of the tree; 
+ incorporate xCLINIC brand to promote, extend and signal the environmental health improvements; 
+ becomes know as the best office in east London? the most sought after office space in London? 

Design to accommodate additional programming: 

+ can be adapted for aerial yoga classes (profits-sharing between yoga teacher and tree; tree hires yoga teacher; or yoga teacher pays rent)  
+ reduces compacting of soil around tree, yet |
+ provides a garage-space earth-room for ground level production and ground based programming; 
+ can be extended to incorporate a community kitchen demonstrating closed-system waste-to-energy process that are harness for food preparation (including anaerobic digester; biochar pyrolysis) in addition to   other THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED


installation/deinstallation requirements: 

+ can be installed/de-installed without heavy equipment (to minimize soil compaction and root damage)
+ (ideally) some or all of the can be installed/de-installed  by CHILDxLABOR in choreographed musical installation process; 
+ has net positive impacts; promotes habitat and environmental health; 


workspace requirements: 

+ high speed internet (supplied to whole park area courtesy of tree); ( scheduled internet free times for offline unpack work)
+ supplies dc power for 7-15 laptops and cellphone;  +  power generation visible/legible so people understand how and from where the power in generated  

+ ideally a variety of workstations that encourage dynamic ergonomics and active working positions (e.g. saddle on branch; standing benches; BIRDxSTUDY (22deg lean station) 
+ can be configured for small group/conference presentation/discussion and individual work;
+ maximizes profits and other benefits; 
+ optional projection screen suitable for shared display and teleconferencing  (see MOTHxCINEMA) 
+ recognizes the Internet of fungus; 
+ active in promoting Internet-of-LIVING-things; 
+ may recruit testimonials and/or participation from humans and other intelligent creatures to evaluate the benefits of working in a tree (vs conventional work spaces); 


Revenue Models (see Business Model Canvas)

+ “gym membership” models with peak time pricing;
+ online booking and profits are allocated for the benefit of the tree

 Promotional requirements and human job descriptions:

+ xCLINIC promotions that demonstrate mutualistic systems design by cross-promote business, public sector and natural systems simultaneously; 
+ lists job advertisement for Lorax 2.0,: "then next generation Lorax is entrepreneurial and encouraging, positively engaging co-workers;
+ and uses ongoing social media tree tweets to cross-promotes the redesign and reimagination of our collective relationship to natural systems  
+ Promotes the development of TREExOFFICExPARK using this as a model;  e.g. NY TREExOFFICExPARK is a series of TREExOFFICES on the perimeter of INWOOD HILL PARK, Manhattans only remaining original woodlands, and accessible to the A-train;  
+ Promotes TREExOFFICE as a platform for participation in the COP21 in PARIS 2015, this provides a facility to OCCUPY TREES


Readings on the TREExOFFICE, a Public Experiment:

Nonhuman Rights Project 

Stephen Wise - http://www.abolicionismoanimal.org.br/cmbde2010_congresso.php?cod=29 

 The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only organization working toward actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own. Our mission is to change the common law status of at least some nonhuman animals from mere “things,” which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to “persons,” who possess such fundamental rights as bodily integrity and bodily liberty, and those other legal rights to which evolving standards of morality, scientific discovery, and human experience entitle them. Our first cases were filed in 2013.

It took 50 years


Rights of Nature Tribunal - Shannon Biggs

Parallel to the UN FCCC December 2014 meetings in Lima, the Global Alliance intends to host its second International Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal. The intention is to adjudicate a small number of cases aligned with the UN FCCC COP 20 priorities. Cases under review address the impacts of Climate Change, threats to the Great Barrier Reef, destructive oil and mineral extraction in Peru and South America, and protection of Defenders of the Earth such as the Bagua massacre that is on trial this year in Peru.