Day 4 - Conversations Continue

TREExOFFICE, was visited by Chris Romer Lee and Michael Smythe for discussions with Natalie Jeremijenko today.

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Day 3 - Conversations Continue

Today, TREExOFFICE, Hoxton Square, was visited by more experts for Natalie Jeremijenko to hold discussions with. The guests were as follows:

  • Mark Godber
  • Rupert Bentley
  • Leonard Aranda
  • Dee
  • Matt Shardlow
  • Russell Davis
  • Lucy Neal

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Day 2 - Discussions Begin

Today in TREExOFFICE, exciting discussions between Natalie Jeremijenko and: 

  • Rory Hyde from the Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Kathryn Lwin & Alison from River of Flowers and The Guardian
  • Shuster and Moseley
  • Adrian
  • Cassandra Fraser

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