WEEK 1: Sept 3, 2014

In the first class the student/impatient will be ask to articulate what they would like to learn and how they would like to participate in this course. This will be an explicit barter. Please consider the following questions: what can I offer to improve our shared environmental health and my own living environment? Can I be an agent of change? Am I IMPATIENT to improve my own environmental health? How would I do that? What would it take to organize and validate other people to act as well? Can any or each of us, individually collectively or institutionally improve environmental health and performance?


To explore these questions students become ‘impatients” in the Environmental Health Clinic (xClinic)—impatient to create desirable futures.   

  1. what are the proxies for the common good? (in the lived urban environment)
  2. how do u represent your “networks”? (1 x quantitative, 1 x visual)

Also watch:  Revolution of the Present